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Copyright & Fair Usage

Although we have taken most of the photos, a variety of individuals and organizations have also contributed photos to our Total-Plant database. Please be aware that these contributors have donated their photo(s) for use on our database, but ultimately they maintain copyright of their images.

Our database allows Fair Use for the thumbnail photos that appear on Total-Plant. (See below.)

If you want to use larger images of any of the photos on Total-Plant, please contact us. (See below.)

If you are interested in contributing photos to our database, please go to our “Contributing Photos” button.

Using the Thumbnails

The thumbnail photos are the small photos that appear in the "browse" pages when you do a search. Thumbnails can be used without prior permission under the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Law of the United States as long as you include the proper credit for the photo – the name(s) of the photographer and the year the photo taken. Here is an example link to a thumbnail photo: "<img src="">.

Using the Larger Images

Fair Use does not cover the images that are larger than the thumbnail size. This applies to downloading and saving the image on your own computer, as well as including a link on your web page that results in the image being displayed on your page. To use any of those photos, please contact us by email and specify which larger photo(s) you are interested in, and who the photographer is. Name and date is provided with each image and can be found on each photo's "detail" page. We will take it from there and let you know. In some cases you may need to pay a licensing fee or reproduction expenses to use the image. Or, you may be able to order a slide or a higher resolution version of the photo.

Linking to

You can create a link on your web page that users can click on to see any page you see on plant ID For example, a Plant search for “Cactaceae” will bring up a page of thumbnail images that match the query. You can use the URL for that search as a link on your website. You may not create links to individual images on your website, for example "<img src=""> is not permitted.

Citing Total-Plant

This is the recommended format for citing Total-Plant: Total-Plant. 2019. Accessed on February 2, 2019. Available online at: Replace the date (month, day, year) in this example with the date you accessed the site.